Earning By Clicking – Get Paid To Click, Complete Surveys And Offers

Earn money by completing online offers or clicking on email or advertisement links. It's not well paid but it's easy work you can do at home

If there was ever a way to way to make money online without leaving your living room – this is it. Believe it or not you can get paid to click on links and advertisements as well as completing online offers and surveys.

Low paid but basic online work

But first off the bad news. The sites we refer to here pay out very little, unless you opt to join their referral programs which all those listed below. However they are scam free ways to earn cash just by signing up for offers and clicking on email and website links. We have worked hard to make certain you’re getting the ‘best of the best’ information. If you stick to this list you can’t go wrong. If you go your own way to search for additional sites and you find yourself being asked for money to join a program – stay well clear. You’ll also find a link to sites to avoid at the bottom of this page.

For those of you looking for easy ways to earn online money there was always going to be a catch! And it’s the fact that these sites are best thought of as ways to earn pocket money or a little extra cash. But if you’re a student or your earnings are already low you’ll find this the easiest way to make extra cash online even if you never go anywhere near any of the referral programs.

Earn much more with referral programs

We concede the individual payments for clicking, signing up for offers and completing surveys are small. But if others ways of earning cash online are beyond your capabilities give it a go and sign up for a referral program which can earn you some ongoing passive income. Programs like CashCrate’s allow you to earn ‘down the line income’ from what the people you have referred do on the site and who they refer.

Money for nothing?

The best way to think of these sites is that you’re getting paid for doing very little. So money for nothing really. There are sites like the ones below springing up all the time. And yes it’s true that some of the sites are unreliable. But if you stick to the list here you will get paid.

Most people sign up for a few sites to get the system to work for them. But note that not all sites pay out in cash – some pay out only in rewards to be exchanged for vouchers but the sites below all pay out cash.

How they work

So how some someone will pay you to sign up for an offer or or for your opinion? You can think of these as sites that generate leads for merchants or who gather opinions. They don’t pay as well as the UK market research companies but you can up your earnings with referrals. And unlike the UK Opinion survey companies, there’s no sign of the big 2 – CashCrate and QuickRewards slowing down.

Here’s what Emma (a friend) says about CashCrate:

Before I got my business up and running I was all over the net trying to work out ways to earn money. I wasn’t picky. But you learn don’t you? Way back then, CashCrate was a life saver. And it always, always pays out on time.

Our pick of the best paid to sites

The best of the Get Paid To sites. Established in 2006 with over millions of users worldwide. CashCrate has some devoted followers. You can earn cash by signing up for offers or taking surveys. The site also has a very generous referral program.

The basic premise of the site is that companies are always on the look out for people to try their services. There’s also a helpful forum. Payment is by cheque but once your reach $500 worth of referrals or earnings you can get paid via PayPal. What makes CashCrate unique is that the vast majority of it’s earnings are shared with members. We like it a lot.

A rare thing indeed. A UK reward site offering opportunities to get paid to read emails and cashback shopping. Currently more than 300 merchants are signed up to the site. The minimum payout is only £3 and there’s a referral program in place although the terms aren’t nearly as generous as CashCrate’s. Payment is by cheque or PayPal. People say there is a good selection of offers at any one time. The only problem with trying to earn money from clicking emails is you have to be quick because the link is sent to so many people.

Online since 2002, this is a program open to UK residents (as well as the US and Canada). This site, like CashCrate is a reliable payer and there is no minimum threshold for payment. Like Cashcrate it has legions of devoted fans. You can up your earnings by joining the affiliate program which is less sophisticated than CashCrate’s but the number of people you can refer is unlimited. Affiliate commission is 5% across all the activities covered by the site including shopping.

Other recommended established sites

Open for UK residents, as well as US and Canada. Not a site where you are paid to click exactly, but you are paid for the activities you undertake on the site. Reliable payer.
Open to UK residents, as well as US and Canada. Minimum payout is $20. Pay to Click, Offers and Surveys. Operates a referral program paying 10% commission.
Established in 2008. Open to any country. Offers payments for completing offers, taking surveys, and other activities. Works well for UK, US and Canadian residents as this is where most offers are directed.

Sites to avoid

Sites To Avoid A reliable list. Don’t sign up for any of these.