Get Paid To Shop As A Mystery Shopper

mystery shopping jobs aren't that hard to find..they just don't pay too well, but fine for extra income

Get paid to shop as a mystery shopper. You have probably heard of mystery shopping but have no idea what it is or more likely no idea how to become one. It’s not a job that’s going to make your rich unless you became a salaried shopper. But the best thing about it and why it appears here is that many companies who use mystery shoppers use freelancers.

That could be you.

Gregor in London gets paid to shop and now has a brilliant time staying in luxury hotels as a mystery shopper. As mystery shopping goes it’s a great gig and pays well. But he’s been round the world about 5 times and has years of experience doing less well paid shopping assignments. You know the saying. You’ve got to start somewhere and it’s very true of mystery shopping. However if you have a specific background or experience you may well find a mystery shopping company that wants to put it to good use.

And a word of warning. In the world of mystery shopping it’s very much a case of ‘who you know’, so don’t expect other people to divulge their best contacts. You need to make your own.There’s no minimum age for many assignments though under 18’s need to get parental consent.

What is mystery shopping

Well it’s true to say you get paid to shop or experience an aspect of a company’s service. It could be that a particular store thinks it has a problem with an an aspect or service or that they have just taken over a petrol station. You are getting paid to shop but there one important caveat. You must be report promptly back to the client. This means that mystery shoppers tend to have good visual skills and good discipline. There’s no point taking on this kind of work if you simply have an axe to grind: people get paid for accurate, honest opinions.


You also need to be able to use a computer because to keep costs down and have everything running smoothly reports are submitted online and assignments tend to come through on emails or be placed on an online jobs board. The point is that you are posing as a real customer. It’s not as easy as you think to look natural when scanning what’s going on around you. A gig may mean you don’t have to leave your home as some jobs involve phone calls or letters or even a survey or sending emails to websites.

Can anyone do it?

Basically yes. However you do have to fill in an online application. Then it’s just a question of waiting to see whether you’ve been accepted. You don’t need any special qualifications. If you think about the what the job involves it you need to have a good memory, and visual skills. And don’t forget you need to write up a report. So written skills are useful.To build up a repertoire of jobs a shopper needs to be committed – even although you’ll never see the client. You also need to able to organise yourself to write timely reports. This makes sense since within a few hours the fine detail of your assignment will be lost.

Don’t be fussy

With no experience you have to think why a company would choose you. So, be willing to take pretty much anything to get started. Turn down too many assignments, you may not be asked again. Jobs are either allocated to you or you can choose but the best jobs go quickly. It seems some folk spend a lot of time hanging around their computer. Essentials for the job include a computer, timer, scanner, printer, pens and paper or notepad, camera or camera phone and spare change (just in case). Given the tight time constraints on reporting it’s good to have a backup plan just in case your internet goes down or scanner backs up.

How much money will I get paid to shop?

Anything from £5 plus food to £30-£40 for expert shoppers. This means it’s great for extra income. A tip: most people sign up with 5-10 sites to give themselves the best chance of securing jobs. If you’re home based already it means you can hang around the computer waiting for jobs to appear. Get a smart phone, so that if jobs are emailed while you’re out you can respond.

How do I get started

You need to find the mystery shopping sites! Here are some of the long standing mystery shopping companies. but remember, there are a large number of specialist companies out there too, if you have particular skills and knowledge. One of the companies listed below is an insurance expert.

Mystery shopping reviews

Will you get paid? All the mystery shopping companies listed below under resources are bona fide mystery shopping companies of some years standing. There are some concerns expressed online that there are scams out there to be wary of. The companies below have blue chip clients and can be trusted to pay you. For further information on this check out the link to the MSE forum below.