Make Extra Money Blogging While In Or Out Of A Job

make extra money earning an income from blogs.

People make money blogging all the time. But remember blogging is just one of the ways you can make money online.  Blogs are either set up by individuals or businesses. The good news is you can fit blogging in around your work schedule or use it to create income when you don’t have a ‘proper’ job. Who knows. It might be the start of something..although many (most) bloggers don’t make much money.

Setting up a blog, if it’s not self hosted requires no technical skills (see And even if you decided to host your own blog if you can’t get your head round the technical aspects then just get a friend to do it for you. At the very worst you can pay someone to help. It won’t cost very much. But people can surprise themselves when the goal is to make money.

So what is blogging all about?

The BBC says blogs have been around for about 10 years. The word blogging stems for ‘web log’.  You can think of it as a frequently updated publication of personal or business opinions. Unlike websites blogs show the most recent pages (posts) first. Believe it or not setting up a blog is the easy part..unless you’re already a writer. But even then it’s not plain sailing because writing for the web is different to writing offline. It’s more like a conversation. The point of putting up a blog is to let other people read what you write. Blogs can be on any topic. Topics range from personal opinions on everything adn anything – from Google to cats, to highly themed blogs covering particular topics in depth. You can also start an online discussion with other people because blogs can be set up to allow comments from other people

Ways to make money from a blog

The process of creating posts and pages on a blog creates a platform you can make money from. Basically visitors to your blog can generate an income. How is this possible? There are various ways to monetise (make money) from a blog to provide you with extra income. But be warned, the experts can make it sound very easy!

  • Make Money With Adsense – Google’s Advertising Program
  • Sell Advertising Space on Your Blog directly – Works for themed blogs. A variation is to offer excusivity on a whole page
  • Private Sponsorship – You can started with a sponsor in mind
  • Affiliate Programs – Amazon Associates is one of the most popular
  • Chitika / Adbrite- Alternatives to Google

There are other ways to make money, but for beginner this is the only list you need.   All these ways of making money from your blog depend on you getting a reasonable amount of traffic to your blog. You can read up online how to do that but you should know that Social Market via like Tritter, Facebook and Google + can help you create a following. Google + is struggling to get a following but you’d be unwise to miss it out. Blog links – other sites linking to you because they like your content, are central to getting decent rankings.

How easy is it to earn extra income?

You may not strike gold with your blog. The good news is that all the mechanics can be learned. You’ll get out what you put in. But if you get 200 visitors a day you should earn some money, especially if it is in a specialist area. You may have to experiment with a few -this is how people learn – and delve into keyword research – you can find out about that online.

Whether you start to make money with web advertising or Google adsense may depend on the earning potential of your niche.  A low traffic / low earning word or niche is likely to make you run in the direction of adverting.

Confused? Here is an example. I love maine coon cats. If I was creating a niche blog I’d be asking Royal Canin – makers of cat food – and a product called maine coon 31 to sponsor it. I would not bother with Adsense. But if you go along this route, your blog needs to look the part. You may think earning extra income with a blog is a step too far..but look around. Every one is doing it. If they can, you can too.

In-depth look at making money options

Putting Google Adsense on Your blog

Google AdSense allows you to host pay-per-click ads on your Website. When someone clicks an ad, you earn money. Simple enough in principle. How much you earn is a function of the value of the keywords and the rate at which visitors click on the ads. To get the most out of Adsense there’s an art to laying out and styling the ads to maximise the amount of clicks you get. The style of your blog has some bearing on this too. Joel Comms books on Adsense are highly recommened. Early on, sign up for an Adwords Account to get access to Google’s own keyword tool. Becareful though you don’t leave an add running. Ads should be switched off. You just want access to see what the Cost Per Click of keywords are. It’s a useful guide to Adsense payouts (which for Adsense will be less than the figures stated Google has to make a profit!!). You ability to make money will depend to some extent on the choices you make.

Private Site Advertising or Sponsorship

Ideally, you should blog about what you love. But if the end goal is to make money you should think carefully about focusing away from a general personal opinion blog. Starting with the aim in mind (making money) is helpful. If you focus on a topic you’re more likely to be able to attract sponsorship on private advertising. Put an ‘Advertise Here’ logo on your blog early on and make sure there is a contact form so potential advertisers can contact you. One difficulty you may have is working out what to charge an advertiser. You can base your figures on the Adsense cost of a keyword then perhaps raise it slightly because there will be less competition on your blog. Be tough. You want to make money.

Amazon Associates

The Amazon Associates program is an affiliate program. It’s not the highest paying program but Amazon are reliable payers. You’ll need a basic understanding of HTML code. You’ll finf lots of instructions on line. If you’re series about making money make sure your blog is focused around a topic. Many people start with books on a particular topic but you could easily choose pet products or something else. Amazon’s basic rate of commission is 4% but it does increase. 4% of a £5 book isn’t much. 4% of a £200 camera is more!The good news is that most Amazon customers (just like me) by more than one thing, and once they’ve clicked on your code you get additional commissions on everything else they buy!


Chitika can be used in conjunction with Adsense although you must adhere to the rules for both. Chitika only works with US and Canadia traffic and I read that some believe it works best with websites promoting products. Adbrite may be a better alternative if your traffic comes from outside these regions. You can find tutorials on Adbrite on YouTube.


Most of the people who earn an income from blogging take the tools of their trade very seriously. Google’s Keyword Tool has already been mentioned but it will help you if you gain some understanding of SEO (search engine optimisation). This is the art of helping websites and blogs to rank well. Only about 5% of sites take SEO seriously. But they get 75% of all traffic. You don’t need to be an expert, but some understanding will set you apart from those that doesn’t even know it exists. You can even buy SEO software to help you manage the process of creating solid posts with a good chance of ranking. Software is often available on a free trial basis. You may feel it’s not worth buying until you’re up and running. But good software can make you far more efficient.