Make Money Writing As A Home Based Writer

Paid writing work won't make you rich overnight, but you can work from home and the harder you work the more money you will make

Paid writing work, that’s likely to be available to someone looking to earn a bit of spare cash, isn’t always lucrative. That’s the truth of it, and you won’t here that anywhere else. But it can be enjoyable for people who have an apptitude and who want to work from home. Starting out, you have to take what you can get and its another way to earn extra income that’s not too demanding on your time. You can choose to take the assignments you can fit into your schedule if you have a full or part-time job.Luckily the internet has opened up more opportunities for first time writers, journalists and authors. Writing for money sounds glamarous but it’s the flexibility that the lifestyle of a writer offers that is part of the attraction for most people.There are many lists on the net of ways to earn your keep writing, but few offer sufficient detail to be of any help! We aim to be different. This article is about writing for other people. There are other ways to make money online – such as creating your own blogs but they are a whole different ball game.

Writing online articles

Writing articles for money is a good place to start. You just need to look at sites like Fiverr to realise that some people are prepared to write articles for not much money at all. However anyone who has purchased articles from Fivver will know that they are hit and miss, perhaps because some are written by people who are struggling with the language or who write articles that pass copyscape but are a mishmash of content the writer doesn’t understand. There are some good writers of course, but the fact that the price is $5 should act as a warning. The more technical an article or the more research you have to put into generally the better paid you’ll be. Articles can be written for online magazines, article directories and blogs. How do you get work? There are a number of websites where freelance writers can advertise there services (see the links at the end of this article). Alternatively you can apply to write for a particular website. Again, we’ll help you find those. Articles should be informative, be well structured. Sub-headings are good.

Seo content writing

A step beyond general article writing is seo content writing (and linked to it, seo research). Seo content writing means writing for website owners (or some articles) in a way that the search engines find easy to understand.Writing seo content writing requires an understanding of keyword research and basic principles of seo (easy to learn online). Starting off your much more likely to be given the keywords or phrases and told where to place them although you’ll find some clients prefer to keep these to themselves and will edit your completed article! When you are writing seo content writing you’re assumed to be writing for a website. You need to be able to detect the “voice” of the site so that anything you write blends in.

Writing blog posts for other people

Blog posts are generally more informal than articles and can be written from a point of view. You can style it in the second person and offer opinions. There is huge demand for blog posts. Not just because the search engines (google, yahoo) like recent web content but because more and more companies want to get their point of view across. It’s also true that there are a huge number of personal blogs where people are making money from runnig adverts on their site. These people need new content all the time. This in part is due to changes in what the search engines value. So blog posts should be written in a more personal style. In fact some firms do very little with their own blogs so the terms “ghost blogger” and “ghost blogging” have been coined. There is no reason why you can’t have your own websites and blogs and earn from them.

Offline writing opportunities

Writing opportunities that aren’t internet based, may not be so flexible in terms of fitting them around your existing schedule. Much will depend on how you can find assignments. The general thinking is that people can set their sights too high when looking for opportunities. But if you can find one local newspaper or company that needs help, with a one to one rleationship you are more likely to given some flexibility.But you can earn more by having more control, and that generally means developing your own websites and blogs.

Translate articles

There’s also to be made translating articles or writing articles in languages other than English! Languages in demand include French, Spanish and Chinese. You will earn more money for technical tops where translations are generally week. Someone with langauge and writing skills will be in demand, as often translations are too literal.

How much money can you earn?

How much time you’ve got available together with the word count and complexity of what you’re writing determine earnings. When your unknown and uncredited earnings are always lower. In the current market £5 to £20 per assignment are possible. Sites like Fiverr are geared up for 250 word articles while pages for a website could be much longer. Generally prices are falling.

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Fiverr Charge $5 for small writing gigs
Freelance Advertise your writing services
Freelancer Similar to the above
Freelancer UK UK site of Freelancer
Helium Writers community – get paid for what you write
Ghost Blogwriters Write a blog for another individual or company
FiveSquids A UK Fiverr clone – post services worth £5 or more.
Odesk Apply for listed assignments